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Fried Chicken Sandwich Showcase

See how four famous chefs and restaurateurs create their famous Fried Chicken Sandwiches using Martin’s Potato Rolls!

Here’s a preview of our chicken sandwich showcase:
  • Mark Rosati; Shake Shack | Chick’n Shack
  • Boxcar Betty’s | Boxcar Betty’s Chicken Sandwich
  • Chef Chad Rosenthal; The Lucky Well and Motel Fried Chicken | Herb-Brined Fried Chicken Sandwich
  • Super Chix | SUPER CHIX® Chicken Sandwich

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Journey of a Potato Roll

“Our famous rolls and bread products can find their way just about anywhere in the world thanks to our amazing distribution team and business partners. Explore more details about the path our products take from start to finish with a quick glance at these three sample journeys!

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22 Award-Winning Instagram Posts from our Food Service Customers

“Every day on social media, we see some of the most mouthwatering burgers, sandwiches, and snacks from social media users all over the globe (seriously—as far away as Australia!) on Martin’s Potato Rolls and Bread. And, after the twists, turns, and curveballs 2020 brought to restaurants everywhere, it’s even more impressive to see these masterpieces coming from the menus of our talented foodservice customers…”

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Smash Burger Showcase

Explore the five famous smash burger variations below and see if you can spot any similarities!

Here’s a preview of our smash burger showcase:
  • George Motz | Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger
  • Mark Tripp; Tripp Burgers | Cheeseburger
  • Matt Abdoo; Pig Beach | Pig Beach SMASH Burger
  • Mike Puma; Gotham Burger Social Club | The Gotham Smash
  • Nick Lepore; Burger Buff | BurgerBuff Double Smashburger

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Find Martin’s in a Restaurant Near You

“Do you consider yourself a raving fan of Martin’s Potato Rolls? Did you know that Martin’s products aren’t just used for home-cooked dinners and cookouts, but they’re also used in restaurants, food trucks, event venues, and more, both nationally and internationally?
As of July 2020, Martin’s products were used in over 3,000 restaurants across the country! From big chains like Shake Shack, to little mom-and-pop shops, we are so grateful for all these establishments serving their customers the golden taste of Martin’s! …”

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Open Letter to Potential Food Service Customers

“Dear Food Service Professional,
We’re writing to tell you about our soft and squishy potato bun.
You may have heard of it. Or seen it. Or even tasted it…at your neighbor’s barbecue, your favorite burger joint, or any number of other places. It’s the one with the golden hue. The soft and supple texture. The savory-with-a-hint-of-sweetness taste…”

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