How Can I Acquire Martin's® Products For My Food Service Needs?

Martin’s® has established relationships with local distributors throughout our fresh distribution area (mainly on the east coast), as well as broad line distributors throughout the country. Martin’s® also has various exporting partners who help us get our products to international locations. Please contact us for more details on distribution methods so that we can fulfill your food service needs.

What If My Distributor Does Not Carry Martin's® Products?

We are constantly engaging new distributors to better serve our customers. Please have your distributor contact us or get in touch with us and we can contact them on your behalf!


I am outside of the US, can I get Martin’s® products?

We utilize several exporting partners to get our products to customers outside of the United States. Please contact us so that we can match you with the best exporter to support your needs.

I am an exporter. Does Martin’s® export their own products?

Martin’s® does not export its own products, but we are always looking for new exporters to fulfill needs outside the US! Contact us for additional details.


What is the lead time to order frozen product from Martin's®?

Lead times may vary depending on the type of product requested and the shipping destination.

I am a distributor, where can I find spec sheets?

All of the spec sheets for our products are available on our website. Please click HERE to view spec sheets. (Note: Spec sheets do not include pricing. For spec sheets that include pricing, contact us.)


Where can I find pricing for Martin’s® products?

If you are the end user, your pricing would be available and determined through your distributor. If you are the distributor, please contact us for pricing as many variables will affect the pricing per case that you are quoted.

Product Information

General Information

For more information regarding our products, please see our general FAQs here.


I am thinking about using a certain Martin’s® product in my food service establishment, can I get samples to try?

Of course! We would be happy to supply samples of our products for you to try. We can ship samples anywhere in the United States. For anyone requesting samples internationally, shipping samples will be addressed on a case by case basis. Please contact us for additional questions and details.