5 Inch Potato Rolls

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#1 Branded Hamburger Roll has just gotten BIGGER!

Martin’s is proud to offer our classic, sweet and buttery flavor in our biggest roll yet: the 5 Inch Potato Roll! It’s perfect for your biggest burger, or piled high with pulled pork, beef brisket, or chicken.

We recommend this substantial roll for any sandwich with over a half-pound of protein. Our 5 Inch Potato Roll uses the same ingredient formulation as our Sandwich Potato Roll, which is the #1 Branded Hamburger Roll in America!

If you’re planning on serving big burgers and super-sized sandwiches…this is the roll for you!

*Recommended for burgers 8 ounces and up

For Ingredients & Nutritional information (U.S. only), click here: 5-Inch Potato Rolls – Nutritional Info.

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