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Here’s what a few of our current restaurant partners had to say about Martin’s Potato Rolls & Bread:



Waldo’s Chicken and Beer

waldo's chicken sandwich

“At Waldo’s Chicken and Beer, where everything is made from scratch daily, we take extreme pride in what we offer our customers. That is why we exclusively offer Martin’s Potato Rolls and Texas Toast for all of our bread options. Their commitment to fresh ingredients and getting buns from the bakery to our doorstep as fast as possible fits our culture of BETTER not EASIER when it comes to food decisions. We are proud to pair our chicken with Martin’s bakery products.”

— Mark Waldo; Founder and CEO of Waldo’s Chicken and Beer



Wright’s Barbecue

“Wright’s Barbecue chose Martin’s after a long search that spanned about a year. We were buying local potato rolls and were continually asking suppliers to bring in Martin’s, because there is no bun in the world like a Martin’s Potato Roll. Finally we got the connection and the Martin’s Rolls have been served everyday!”

– Jordan Wright; Owner, Wright’s Barbecue



Buddy’s Burger

“Choosing Martin’s buns for Buddy’s Burger was a great choice for Buddy’s Burger. The buns have a soft, slightly sweet texture, and have the ideal balance between sturdiness and tenderness, making each bite a delight. Martin’s Potato Rolls aligns with Buddy’s core theme of serving 100% fresh, quality burgers with top-notch ingredients, making them a great partner.”

– Buddy’s Burger



Grindhouse Killer Burgers

“Martin’s has the distinction of being Grindhouse Killer Burgers’ first food service partner. Before we even opened our doors, I knew that our burgers would only be served on a Martin’s potato bun. There is no competition as far as I’m concerned; Martin’s are simply the best and most consistent product available.”

– Alex Brounstein; Owner, Grindhouse Killer Burgers



Boxcar Betty’s

“Martin’s Potato Rolls are the perfect bun for our award winning fried chicken sandwiches. The soft, fluffy texture holds up well and gives a sense of indulgence with every bite. Martin’s is the best option for quality and service.”

– Boxcar Betty’s



Local Burger Co.

“A great burger starts with a Martin’s potato bun.”

– Local Burger Co.



Rocklands Barbeque

“We love Martin’s Potato Rolls as they help create the “perfect bite”, for our guests and customers – slightly sweet, savory and a dense texture are perfect in making a delicious Rocklands Barbeque sandwich!  We also love that they are local and “clean” of artificial ingredients, colors and flavors.”

– John Snedden; Owner and Founder, ROCKLANDS Barbeque and Grilling Company



Bear’s Smokehouse

“It would be criminal to serve BBQ on anything other than a Martin’s Potato Roll, which is why we serve our sandwiches on Martin’s at all Bear’s Smokehouse locations. From Connecticut to North Carolina if you find yourself at Bear’s you’re going to find yourself some Martin’s.”

– Bear’s Smokehouse



Chester’s Chicken

“The Martin’s potato roll is a great companion to the Chester’s fried chicken sandwich, elevating the experience to new heights. The soft, pillowy texture and slight sweetness of the Martin’s roll perfectly complement, without overpowering, our famous, crispy fried chicken recipe. We tried and tested dozens of different buns, and Martin’s was the best by far.”

– Chester’s Chicken




“The soft yet slightly dense texture of Martin’s Famous Potato Bun provides a nice contrast to crunchy exterior of our Hot Chicken. It also has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor that complements the overall flavor of the sandwich. These contrasts make each bite more enjoyable and satisfying.”

– Shawn Lalehzarian; Chief Executive Officer, The Red Chickz



Terry Black’s Barbecue

“Martin’s Potato Rolls are the softest, best-tasting roll out there! Not only are they soft but they keep their hold with our heavy smoked meats. We use them for all of our BBQ sandwiches. Add in great service from our local distributor and it’s a perfect match. ”

– Mike Black; Co-Owner, Terry Black’s Barbecue



Ted’s Hot Dogs

“Since 1927 Ted’s has been committed to serve only the best, so the delicious Martin’s Potato Roll was an obvious partner for our charcoal grilled meats.”

– Evan Ortolani, Ted’s Hot Dogs



Monumental Sports & Entertainment

monumental sports - burger

“Martin’s has been a staple on dinner tables in our region for decades and we couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome them to the Monumental Sports family. We pride ourselves on providing high quality food and beverage experiences and Martin’s reputation aligns perfectly with this mission.”

– Patrick Duffy, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships



JewBoy Burgers

Watch this behind-the-scenes customer testimonial video from Austin restaurant, JewBoy Burgers:


“So, why do we use Martin’s Potato Rolls? Well, a number of reasons. One, first and foremost, is taste. We don’t like to toast our bread. So, without toasting, we need a bun that’s gonna have a nice consistency, that’s gonna hold up to the juiciness of the burger… It’s just a really nice texture that goes with all the flavors in our burger…One of the big things that I insist on is that the first bite should be the same as the last.”

– Mo Pittle; Owner and Founder, JewBoy Burgers



Coop de Ville

Watch this behind-the-scenes customer testimonial video from Coop de Ville:


“Martin’s Potato Rolls are the workhorse and backbone of our sandwiches. We love the softness of the rolls. We lightly coat it in butter and toast it. It is the complete vehicle for all of our sandwiches; we love its versatility and flavor.”

– Casey Henderlong; Director of Events and Public Relations



Diesel & Duke

Watch this exclusive behind-the-scenes customer testimonial video from owner David Cusumano:


“It’s just the most superior bun on the market. Honestly. There’s nothing that really compares to it…For our style and what we do, it has the best flavor, holds up to the burger the best, and I think that’s pretty much what draws people to it the most…is the durability of it and the flavor with that as well.”

– David Cusumano; Owner and Founder



Bludso’s Bar & Que

Bludso’s BBQ Brisket Sandwich

“Martin’s Potato Rolls are the perfect rolls for a bbq sandwich. We use them for all of our lunch sandwiches (brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken, etc) and they are amazing.”

– Kevin Faerkin; Director of Operations, Bludso’s BBQ



Shake Shack®

Shake Shack Burger and Fries

Martin’s is proud to be the potato bun of choice for Shake Shack® restaurants around the globe.

“Did you ever think of the ratio of bun to meat? The perfect potato bun never tries to take anything away from the burger: it absorbs juices and cradles the meat. It just does its job beautifully.”

– The Shake Shack® Cookbook



Pig Beach

Pig Beach Burger

Congratulations to our friends at Pig Beach for winning The People’s Choice Award at the Blue Moon Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda Meats hosted by Rachael Ray at the Food Network & Cooking Channel New York City Wine & Food Festival presented by Capital One.

Martin’s is proud to be the potato bun of choice for Pig Beach in Brooklyn.

“For the perfect burger you need to have the right bun.  The bun has to be the right ratio to the burger, can’t be too big or too dense.  It should be stable yet soft and squishy.”

“The best bun in all the land – Martin’s Potato Rolls.”

– Matt Abdoo; Executive Chef and Owner of Pig Beach



Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beer

Black Tap – Greg Norman Burger

Martin’s is proud to be the potato bun of choice for Black Tap restaurants around the globe.

“When we were coming up with the concept for Black Tap, we wanted a bun that would complement the burger perfectly. Some buns just have too much bread, but Martin’s gives our burgers the perfect meat-to-bun ratio.”

– Black Tap Craft Burger and Beer’s Corporate Executive Chef, Stephen Parker



Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Valentina’s Burger

Martin’s is proud to be the potato bun of choice for Valentina’s Tex Mex Barbecue in Austin, TX.

“There’s just something special about Martin’s Potato Rolls that compliments the Mesquite smoke flavor and showcases the meat perfectly.”

“The only thing I would ever pair with our Mesquite smoked meats besides a fresh flour tortilla is Martin’s Potato Buns”

– Miguel Vidal



The Warehouse Group

The Warehouse Group - burger
The Warehouse Group – Burger

“Upon trying this wonderful bun…I wouldn’t consciously put our burgers in another bun.

What is this bun??? The answer of course was the Martin’s potato roll…alas…they were not available in our home of Canada.

With that, a colleague and myself travelled 4,000 miles to Chamberburg to find this special bun that fit our burgers so well & that our guests deserved!

To me this is the definitive burger bun, beautiful colour, pillowy soft, sweet & savoury in all the right places & ingredients you can be proud of. I would not put my burger in another bun.”

– Matt Deacon-Evans; Executive Chef, Warehouse Group



Hugh-Baby’s BBQ & Burger Shop

Hugh Baby’s Sandwiches

“Hugh-Baby’s BBQ & Burger Shop throws back to a time when things were as simple as they could be. A time when even the smallest things were well-made with deliberate attention and care. When just because something was to be simply enjoyed, you didn’t throw craftsmanship and dedication out the window.

“We’ve brought back that same integrity to our menu with an obvious attention to detail. We illustrate this daily by grinding our own beef for our burgers, following time-honored Memphis barbecue traditions, and using real, honest, good food on our menu like Martin’s Potato Rolls.”

– Hugh-Baby’s



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